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Jon X.

Software Engineer

pfp-Jon X. is a super cool resume builder. I just uploaded my resume, the AI optimized the language, grammar and structure, and then it auto-completed the template! It took less than a minute and I was ready to start my job hunt.

Cathy M.


pfp-Cathy M.

I really don't enjoy writing resumes and cover letters because I struggle to know what is best to say. was great because I could just write everything that felt relevant, and then the AI refined it all to sound professional and concise.

Carlos G.


pfp-Carlos G.

This saved loads of time when I was applying for jobs. The cover letter writer was great quality and very job specific which is nice. Plus it was convenient that I could manage a few different resumes for different types of jobs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a resume for free?

You absolutely can!

Simply sign up and fill out the details of your resume, then hit save and view your masterpiece in our PDF viewer.

Does it help me manage all my job applications?

Yes to this too! helps you manage all your applications in one place, allowing you to revisit any job posting prior to an interview, and you may also go back and edit any cover letters at any time.

How easily can I make a professional cover letter?

It's seriously easy and it takes less than a minute! Paste in the job posting and we'll match your qualifications to the job requirements in a perfect cover letter in seconds.

What do I get if I upgrade to a Pro account?

Unlimited cover letter generation, additional resume templates, AI resume reviews and edits, manage additional job applications, access the resume uploader and more!

How much is the Pro subscription?

$9.99 USD per month!

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

You betcha!